Yes we rent SciAps Raman analyzers!

Rentals are available on a monthly basis.   On a case-by-case basis we also offer weekly rentals, depending on the customer training requirements.  Please contact us at sales@sciaps.com or call us at 1-339-927-9455.


Renting a SciAps Raman analyzer offers many advantages, especially to first time Raman users:

  • It’s an inexpensive way to try the technology, to determine if it’s a good fit for your requirements.  A rental period offers a far more thorough evaluation of a technology and product than does a sales demo,
  • Prove out the value proposition to senior management.  A rental is an inexpensive operating cost, not a large capital expenditure.  It’s a great way to demonstrate the financial return of a future purchase.  And we’ll credit some or all of your rent.

Rental credit towards purchase:  No your rental fees are not wasted.  Depending on the duration of your rental period some or all of your rental fees can be credited towards purchase of a new or used SciAps Raman analyzer,


Do you have a short term testing requirement?

  • Many companies have a short term material testing problem they need to solve, and prefer to rent than buy,
  • Renting via SciAps means you can generate rental credit towards a future purchase.


Facing exorbitant service costs on a competing unit?

It can be a tough decision to invest thousands of dollars into an older unit, or older technology.  The SciAps rental program offers a great alternative, given our flexible credits and buyout programs. Here are some common scenarios we handle for Raman analyzer owners.

  • Facing a high service bill for an older Raman analyzer?  Rent a SciAps unit instead.  Then use the rental credit towards a future budgeted purchase of a new SciAps Raman analyzer.   Why invest service dollars in an aging or obsolete analyzer,
  • Rent-to-own:  Rather than incurring high service costs on another brand, check out our rent-to-own program.  Customers rent a new unit in the current budget cycle (an operating expense rather than a capital expense), with a buyout in the next budget cycle.


Leasing Programs:

SciAps also offers 6 Month and 12 Month “Same as Cash” programs, and multi-year $1.00 buyout lease programs.  Please contact us (sales@sciaps.com) for more details.


Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a friendly, flexible Raman analyzer rental program.


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