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SciAps Academic Loaner Program provides instruments that are great for lab work with students or research in the field, but the research is great for SciAps, too — scientists are always coming up with novel applications for the instruments and giving us invaluable feedback.

Common ways people use the analyzers:

  • Professors use the analyzers as teaching tools in the classroom. It’s a quick way to do lab experiments without the hassle of big lab instruments. Students can watch the analysis as it’s happening, get with instant data, and look at the details through the software on the PC.
  • Researchers use the analyzers to get instant results in the field, getting an idea of what samples are present. They don’t have to bring the samples back to the lab, or they can reduce what they carry back. The chemistry is completed and recorded right in the field.

What’s even better, people continuously think of new and interesting ways to use our devices. How can we support your creativity with our Academic Loaner Program? Contact us today.

Have LIBS, will travel

Meet Dr. Richard Hark, synthetic organic chemist, conservation scientist and LIBS enthusiast  Handheld LIBS and Dr. Richard Hark have a long relationship that reads like an adventure series, where partnership with a company like SciAps leads to unexpected places. “I ...

Measuring Elements in Tea with Handheld LIBS

Application of LIBS in Detecting Beneficial Elements & Contaminants in Tea Samples Before Covid-19 hit the United States, Dr. Ying Guo, Dr. Seungjin Lee and Dr. Tae Lee from Georgia Gwinnett College began a unique elemental analysis using the SciAps ...

Optimisation of fast quantification of fluorine content using handheld LIBS

Expanding the world of handheld analysis with SciAps LIBS Fluorine quantification is difficult using conventional techniques since it usually includes heavy sample preparation such as dissolution.  Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) provides a multi-element detection that has been successfully used to ...

Expanding Global Soil Management with SciAps Handheld LIBS

A prototype of the platform that will integrate the LIBS sensor in the future. Courtesy BonaRes/I4S Handheld LIBS makes it possible to analyze every square meter of soil, in place and in real time. Courtesy BonaRes/I4S LIBS emerges as a ...

The Periodic Table – Measured with a Handheld

Measure virtually every element, in almost any material, with a handheld analyzer. That’s the power of the SciAps Z handheld LIBS system. Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is an established laboratory technique for elemental analysis that SciAps has succeeded in miniaturizing. The ...

Technical Note: Handheld LIBS Provides a Fast and Easy Method to Trace Gold

Handheld LIBS is relevant to gold traceability, and is simple to use in the field. A new study published as a Technical Note in the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (JAAS) demonstrates LIBS as a fast and easy method to …

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