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Advances in LIBS analysis for geology: A critical review

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Publication: Cécile Fabre, University of Lorraine. “Advances in Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analysis for geology: A critical review,” Spectrochimica Acta Part B Atomic Spectroscopy 166:105799 (2020).

A review of studies demonstrates LIBS is the optimal way to achieve quick geology screening and provides valuable data prior to laboratory analyses.

LIBS gives access to the most relevant elements; discrimination and sourcing of rocks or gems can be easily obtained; light elements are well detected at low level, and quantified in rocks; elemental LIBS mapping for strategic elements is of first interest.

Abstract: The review focuses on the most relevant advances and is reported in different sections relative to the analyzed objects (identification of rocks/minerals and sourcing; resources applications; slurry and drill cores; rare earth elements; light elements). Special sections report on the good practices for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analysis and the most critical points that should be checked in order to validate any LIBS analysis on most common geological purposes. LIBS gives access to the most relevant elements in geosciences/geology and the typical detection limits fit usual requirements, with the advantage of permitting faster analyses than the other techniques classically used. Whether considering the case of metals of economic interest, that of critical elements, or that of light elements, LIBS has definitely been proved an adequate tool, and there is no need to do more on its evaluation in this field of application. Considering that LIBS measurements require limited sample pre-treatment, and considering also that LIBS is a fast all-optical multi-elemental technique, it is undoubtedly the optimal way to achieve a first quick screening and then provide valuable data prior to any further laboratory analyses. Therefore, the recent development of LIBS imaging should quickly lead to the implementation of LIBS imaging systems in the analytical laboratories worldwide in charge of analyzing geological samples.

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