XRF Aluminum Performance Ad

Aluminum XRF Uber Performance Ad

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XRF Aluminum Performance Ad
An X-ray gun that’s FAST on Aluminum, FAST on High-temps & Turnings – just plain Fast.

Now sort all your Al alloys in 2 seconds with X-ray – yes, X-ray.

Turbo X-ray Tube

The turbo is an X-ray source up to 5 times the brightness of other tubes, at the optimal energy for aluminum alloys. The enhanced brightness combined with the highly efficient tube/detector design of the X, means faster, more precise measurements of Mg and Si – an essential requirement for better aluminum alloy sorting.

30 Seconds is now 2 Seconds

The patent-pending Al App. The Al App uses specifically optimized X-ray tube settings and calibrations to sort aluminum alloys as fast as possible. In fact, in 2 sec. The X operates in settings optimal for measuring key alloying elements Mg, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu and Zn. Measure these, and you can uniquely identify virtually every aluminum alloy. For the rare case you need Sn, Pb, Bi, Zr or other elements, the X automatically adjusts the settings for an additional 1-2 sec of testing. It’s smart, automated, and sorts Al alloys as fast as possible.

1/2 The Service Costs

Oh and about those high service costs of other brands.
SciAps believes service should be a customer loyalty program, not a profit center. Our service costs are half that of the other brands. Ask us for a quote on tube or detector replacements and compare

X-ray & Aluminum Sorting: The Good, Bad & Ugly

X-ray is a great tool for stainless, high temps, red metals and turnings.  However, we see many aluminum alloy mix ups with older gen X-ray guns.  Why? The gun must measure down to 0.3% Mg and 0.1% Si to reliably sort today’s complex variety of aluminum alloys.   Other X-ray guns require 20-60 seconds to make these measurements, or can’t measure these levels at all.  6063 and 1100 is a great example.  You have to measure the Mg (0.45-0.9%) to reliably ID 6063.  Many operators don’t take long tests, and instead believe the initial 1100 ID that these X-ray guns show, because the gun measures low copper and nothing else.  6063/1100 is one of many mix-ups that occur with other X-ray guns.  Other examples:  3003 and 3005, 2014 and 2024, or for cast grades 356 and 357 is a great example.  The X with the turbo tube and Al App measures 0.3% Mg in 2 seconds.  End your aluminum mix-ups! 

SciAps has reinvented Al alloy sorting with X-ray.

We’ve eliminated the major weakness (slow Al sorting), yet preserved all the things you love about X-ray. First we developed an X-ray tube with very high brightness in the sweet spot for measuring Mg, Si, and Al (the “turbo” tube – up to 5X brighter than other tubes). Then we totally rethought how to sort Al alloys with X-ray resulting in our patent pending Al App. Now you can sort all your Al alloys in 2 seconds – including 6063/1100, 3003/3005, even 356/357 – something no X-ray gun has ever done.

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