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Carbon in Stainless and Low-alloy Steels

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SciAps Z-Series LIBS Analyzer

The ONLY handheld analyzer on the planet that delivers carbon measurements for L-grade stainless and low-alloy steels.

Meet the Z-200

It’s revolutionary. We’ve miniaturized the long-established laboratory technique called laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). LIBS is very similar to spark optical emission (OES) except it uses a pulsed laser, rather than cumbersome high voltage spark system, to create the plasma. The Z is a 4 lb., battery operated handheld analyzer. With its patented on-board argon purge the Z quantifies carbon, and other alloying elements with high enough precision to also report carbon equivalents (CE).

Forget those large compressed tanks of argon

The Z uses small, replaceable, inexpensive argon cylinders inside the handle. The argon supply provides hundreds of tests before requiring a change.

Good Chemistry requires argon and a high energy laser

Introducing the PMI One Box

It’s the One Box that can analyze every alloy and every element you need for any PMI or NDT application. The whole package, shared accessories, in a carrying case weighing less than 20 lb (9 kg). PMI One box now accepted as the preferred supplier to a major oil refiner.

SciAps One Box - XRF + LIBS

Technology Strengths


Carbon, low silicon in Fe base, carbon for L-grades. Elements Li, Be, B in alloys. Aluminum alloys containing Li, Be, B or for ultra low Mg analysis. Add additional alloy bases any time.

Measure Mn:C ratios for brittle fracture concerns in carbon steels.


Cr/Mo steels, iron and stainless alloys not requiring carbon, phosphorus in steels and copper alloys, high temperature alloys, super-alloys, most aluminum alloys and red metals except those requiring Li, Be, B or C analysis, specialty alloys like Mo, W, Nb, Ta.

NEW for X-ray!
Turbocharge your X for even more speed on aluminum alloys, low Si for API 939 applications, P and S in steels, P in copper alloys.

Contact us about L-grades

We’re now demonstrating and taking orders for Z-200 models that analyze carbon for iron base and stainless alloy bases. The world’s only handheld analyzer capable of analyzing carbon down to L-grade levels.

Z-200 C

Calibrated for iron base alloys and carbon. Carbon steels, Mn:C ratio for brittleness concerns.

Z-200 C+

Calibrated for iron base and stainless alloy bases, carbon limit of detection < 0.02 for L-grades.

carbon measurement in L-grade stainless Z Screenshot

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