SciAps at Fabtech

Demo SciAps Z-900 Series in September


Discover SciAps all-new LIBS technology family with Z-900 Series Get the carbon analysis you need If you already have a handheld XRF unit, the Z-901 CSi just made it about $10,000 less expensive to get the carbon and silicon numbers ...

New PMI One Box Options


Now SciAps offers attractive packages combining our award-winning LIBS carbon analyzer and our X-ray gun. With these packages, you can identify every alloy you'll ever need for your program or clients. Contact us for some great package deals! SciAps makes ...


Diggity Events, NDT/PMI

SciAps premium LIBS 900 Series and XRF 500 Series set a new performance standard for pipeline tests. Read more about SciAps analyzers for NDT/PMI, and see for yourself during PPIM, February 24-25, 2021. Meet the NEW Z-900 Series Our handheld ...