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Demo SciAps Z-900 Series in September


Discover SciAps all-new LIBS technology family with Z-900 Series Get the carbon analysis you need If you already have a handheld XRF unit, the Z-901 CSi just made it about $10,000 less expensive to get the carbon and silicon numbers ...

SciAps X-555: Don’t sweat the field work

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The X-555 doesn’t make compromises. It doesn’t compromise size for stability or heat dissipation. It doesn’t compromise speed for detection limits.Tim Johnson, SciAps business development for restricted substances and regulatory markets While soils regulations have been in play for decades, ...
SciAps Profile Builder Software

Profile Builder with Opti-Cal

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Unleash the power of SciAps handheld XRF and LIBS Adding SciAps Profile Builder software to your SciAps XRF and LIBS analyzers will, in essence, double your instrumentation. Take advantage of the ease and portability of handheld analyzers for your field ...

CSi: Carbon and silicon in a handheld LIBS

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SciAps launches carbon-only handheld LIBS analyzer:  CSi SciAps, Inc., a Boston-based company specializing in handheld analytical instrumentation, is pleased to introduce the world’s first carbon-only handheld LIBS analyzer. SciAps CSi (measuring carbon + silicon) is a high-performance handheld instrument that ...