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Fast Aluminum Sorting with Handheld X-ray

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SciAps X-Series XRF Analyzer

the Turbocharged X-300 and the SciAps Aluminum App

Why Turbo? Why Al App? Modern X-ray guns are beloved for their speed and precision on stainless, high temps and red metals. But ask most any scrap processor handling aluminum and they’ll complain about long tests to measure magnesium (Mg), like 20 – 60 second depending on the alloy.

The Turbo X reduces that testing time to 2 seconds for 99% of the Al alloy you’ll test. And you maintain the same speed and precision on all the other alloys that makes X-ray great. The Turbo X delivers the same blistering speed on aluminum alloys as it does on everything else. If you like X-ray, you’re going to love the latest X. The only X-ray gun that’s fast on everything.

  • Need to see 0.35% Mg in a cast 356? Or 0.3% Mg in 3005?

    Turbo X handles that in 2 seconds. Other X-ray guns can’t measure this level of Mg at all.

  • How about 0.5% Mg to separate 6063 from 1100?

    Turbo X 2 seconds, other brands 30 seconds or more

  • How about 1% Mg in a 6061?

    That’s right, Turbo X 2 seconds, other brands 15-60 seconds.

How It Works

SciAps’ latest X-ray tube technology operates at a beam current of 500 uA in the low voltage setting, from 2.5-5x higher brightness than competing brands. The X also utilizes a highly optimized geometry of source/detector that yields 5x-10x more X-rays from magnesium (Mg) and silicon (Si). These elements are critical for fast, reliable analysis and identification of the complex range of aluminum alloys.

The new SciAps Aluminum App sorts 99% of my 2000’s, 7000’s, 3000’s, MLCs and cast alloys in 2 seconds. This rivals the speed of handheld LIBS or OES.

The Accompanying SciAps Aluminum App

The SciAps Aluminum App is a unique, high-speed, high precision approach to aluminum alloy sorting never before possible with X-ray gun technology. The vast majority of aluminum alloys require concentrations of Mg and/or Si to be measured, along with transition metals V, Mn, Fe, Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr. The Al App operates the X-ray gun in a highly optimized way in order to measure Mg, Si and metal content in a few seconds. This allows even low Mg alloys like 6063 and 3004 to be separated from very similar alloys (1100, 3003 respectively) that only differ by low Mg content.

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