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How did you spend your weekend?

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How did you spend your Saturday? We were PMI testing a retired Boeing 747.

PMI Old PlaneThe benefit of handheld LIBS

Vidal Dias, SciAps sales representative, demonstrated the ease and benefit of having the power of a laser in the palm of his hand last Saturday. The SciAps Z is the only handheld that delivers PMI for L grade, straight grade and H grade stainless as well as carbon steels and cast irons. It’s the ONLY laser (LIBS) with high enough precision to do NDT/PMI across all alloy bases.  In this case, the job required sorting CP Ti, 6-4 and 6-2-4-2. Our most basic “air burn” unit (no argon purge) is easily up to this task.

Plus the benefit of 600 burns

LIBS is an OES method that uses a pulsed laser rather than a spark source, and the key to precise alloy chemistry with OES is argon purge. The miniature, user-replaceable argon canister in the handle of the SciAps Z delivers typically 600 burns, which also came in handy when testing high-temp elements, such as titanium, which was on the engine, and basic aluminums from 6063 over to 1100.

Demo SciAps handheld LIBS at an upcoming show!

Good Chemistry requires argon and a high energy laser

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