In-field Analysis of Lithium with Z-300

In-field Analysis of Lithium

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In-field Analysis of Lithium with Z-300

Field successes and testimonials keep rolling in for the Z-300.

Meet the Z-300 – the world’s only handheld that analyzes lithium in soils, ores and brines.

The Z also measures other low atomic number elements that X-ray can’t, including Be, B, C, F, Na, plus the many transition and heavy metals that X-ray also measures. The Z uses the technique of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. LIBS is an optical technique and is therefore very sensitive to the low atomic number elements. No X-rays means no travel restrictions or licensing headaches. There are now dozens of Z-300 analyzers being used globally for lithium exploration projects, testing all lithium sample types with a compact handheld analyzer. If you need to measure lithium or other low atomic elements in the field, the Z-300 is your solution.

“We have tested the analyzer extensively over the last couple of days and we are extremely impressed and would recommend any serious explorer (especially in the Li industry) to make use of it.”
Nico Scholtz, Tantalex Resources Exploration project in Democratic Republic of Congo

NEW Workshop Series Video:The Z 300 LIBS handheld can measure lithium content in a liquid brine sample! This technique is highly relevant to those looking to exploit lithium brines for the rechargeable battery market, as the growth of electric vehicles continues to soar.

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