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Rapid Measurement of Total Organic Carbon in Soil

Soil organic carbon (SOC) can now be measured rapidly and accurately with SciAps handheld LIBS, without the need for spectral soil libraries, chemical pre-treatment, or lab conditions.

Understanding how SOC changes over time and through different practices has been made easier with the SciAps handheld LIBS (laser) analyzer.

SciAps Z-903, smaller and lighter than ever, makes use of several advanced features.

  • wide spectrometer range covering 190—950nm
  • x/y rastering of laser across sample
  • integrated camera for sample positioning
  • on-board argon gas purge

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Rising interest in soil health and carbon sequestration has led to increased demand for measuring SOC. In a recent study, SciAps worked with the Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program (ALP) to incorporate a comprehensive, diverse group of soils from the U.S. and Canada into one standard calibration to provide a fast and accurate measurement of SOC.

The calibration is based on many different soil types and properties. These soils also span a range of usage sites including: pasture, fallow, forest, corn, grains, potatoes, soybeans, fruits, rice, and cotton.

Approximate soil sample source locations across the U.S. and Canada

Approximate soil sample source locations across the U.S. and Canada. Locations data from ALP and map courtesy of: File:BlankMap-USA-states-Canada-provinces.png

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We’ve revolutionized data downloading and management with our connectivity built on Android. Instantly and automatically send every test to a computer anywhere in the world. Manage data in real time, get results in real time, verify testing quality – all in real time. No more time-wasting manual exporting.

  • Real-Time Synching

    Every test result is stored on the analyzer and sent via Wi-Fi to one or more online PCs located anywhere in the world.

  • Share Test Results with Your Phone for Instant Emailing

    SciAps apps share test results to mobile phone via Bluetooth automatically. Users can view current or previous test results, easily paging through them. Results can be emailed as PDF files direct from phone.

  • Custom Auto Report Generation

    Who has time to download data, cut and paste into spreadsheets and documents? Instead create a report template one time, with your company logo, layout, etc. Then download data directly, print (even via Wi-Fi), and done.

  • Share Data with Wireless or Bluetooth Printers for Instant or Automated Printing

    Automatically send test results to Wi-Fi printers, or to belt-mounted Bluetooth printer.

  • Cloud-Based Data

    Test results can be automatically uploaded to a secure cloud site, to be viewed, edited and downloaded from browser software anywhere in the world.

  • Data Merging

    You use LIBS for some materials. You use X-ray for others. How about automatically merging the data from both analyzers into a single report? Even a competitor’s XRF!

This page was updated on February 15th, 2022