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When CJ’s not driving SciAps NASCAR car #93, we kick him out of the office and he goes demo’ing
What do you get when CJ McLaughlin stops by your scrapyard? The opportunity to demo the fastest, toughest XRF ever, discover great features, and meet our (almost) celebrity NASCAR driver rep. Maybe you can get him to tell you what really happens in the pits… See for yourself how the X-550 can improve the functionality of your scrapyard.
The X-550 identifies your common metals quickly. Some features, like GPS, just may surprise you. Analyze, collect and send data, and take pictures. Meet CJ in person and cheer for him during the race.

This month CJ stopped by Harding Metals in Northwood, N.H., to see Eds and the Harding family and test some of their most common and most challenging materials. From the video, we’re not really sure if CJ’s doing more working or playing in his visits—when you ask CJ to come by, remind him to bring coffee and doughnuts with him! And thank you to our friends at Harding Metals, a scrapyard family to the core—recycling more than 10 million lbs. of material a month— they are one of New England’s largest family-owned scrap metal recyclers, working together as a family since 1963.

Invite CJ to demo at your scrap operation—cjmclaughlin@sciaps.comand don’t forget the doughnuts!

SciAps aluminum sorting secrets

  • Recommended for facilities that don’t see a wide variety of aluminum grades, like 6061, 6063, 3003, 5052, and common 2000s and 7000s. Sort these aluminum grades in 1-2 seconds. This method does NOT measure key alloying elements Si and Mg.
  • Recommended for facilities that receive more than just the 8-10 common grades, like those that only differ by concentrations of Mg or Si. The X-550 measures Mg down to 0.3% in 3-4 seconds, making it efficient to sort aluminum by low concentrations of Mg.
  • Finally if you handle both high volume of aluminum AND a wide variety of grades, the patent-pending Aluminum App is the ideal choice. This video explains the advantages of the aluminum app, which is mainly speed. With the Al app you can measure low concentrations of Mg and Si in 1-2 seconds.

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