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Find out about SciAps amazing world of applications available to handheld LIBS and XRF. Support for electric vehicles and strategic metals includes the world’s only 55 kV analyzer optimized for REEs and the world’s only handheld that analyzes lithium in soils, ores and brines. Discover unique XRF features for gold pathfinders and LIBS as a powerful tool for geoscience. Work with confidence in demanding landscapes with our durable analyzers. See for yourself at PDAC, June 13-15.

SciAps now pairs with the powerful GERDA automated tabletop sampler. See it at PDAC, read the press release, or watch the video below.

Any mineral, any element, anywhere—lab or field

SciAps offers top-of-the-line instruments and software that cover all the bases. Do you want to quantify the results? Use the XRF. Do you want to qualify the results? Use the LIBS.


Get the entire picture with the smallest, fastest, most precise handheld available, with the most powerful X-ray tube. Perfect for gold pathfinders, transition and heavy metals. World’s only HH XRF optimized for REEs.

X-555: The most advanced X-ray tube technology available, led by a 55 kV X-ray tube – the world’s only handheld XRF with this capability. The 55 kV operation, rather than the industry typical 50 kV, delivers higher performance for critical “light” and some “heavy” REEs, making it a superior option for REE analysis.

X-550: Best-in-class light element performance for ultra low detection limits of elements like Si, P, S, Mg and Al. Optional 50 kV Mining calibration for even better LODs on these heavier rare earth elements or gold pathfinders like Ag or Sb. A 5.5W X-ray tube combined with the latest large area silicon drift detector technology and super tight X-ray geometry yields fast, precise results even on the hardest elements to measure with handheld XRF


In-field analysis of Li, Be, B, C, Na, F. Lithium in hard rocks and brines. High sensitivity to other major elements Mg, Si, Al, Ca, K. Map elemental distribution using GeoChem Pro.

Z-903: Flagship geochemistry for those who require full elemental coverage, from H to U. Spectrometers spanning 190 – 950 nm measure low atomic number elements that X-ray can’t, including beryllium, boron, carbon, fluorine and sodium, plus the many transition and heavy metals that X-ray also measures.

Z-901 Lithium: The world’s only handheld analyzer capable of measuring lithium in rocks, ores, powders and brines for instant, in-field analysis. In Z-902 Lithium, a second spectrometer extends the analytical range (approximately 200 nm – 690 nm) for users additionally testing brines for boron, magnesium, sodium, and perhaps other metals.

XRF RentalsWhether you’re heading out on a job for a couple of weeks or several months, SciAps XRF rentals will arrive ready for you to start testing so you make the most of your time in the field. Read more…

See how SciAps geochemistry analyzers are working in the field

Researchers are using SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers to expand the world of elemental analysis.

Work with confidence

How much did that cost? $676 repair. Snapped in half? $900 repair. How much did that cost? $300 repair. No cracks. $700 repair. We build our analyzers so you don't have to worry SciAps analyzers are so durable, they’ve even ...

SciAps XRF now pairs with GERDA for automated sampling

Woburn, Mass.— SciAps, Inc., is pleased to announce that its popular handheld XRF analyzer is now available in a handleless version to be used in-line with the GERDA automated table sampler for portable and handheld analytical instruments. The new in-line ...

Handheld LIBS for Lithium Exploration: An Example from the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt, USA

Publication: Michael A. Wise, Russell S. Harmon, Adam Curry, Morgan Jennings, Zach Grimac and Daria Khashchevskaya. “Handheld LIBS for Li Exploration: An Example from the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt, USA,” Minerals 2022, 12, 77. A wide variety of samples from the ...

SciAps Z-903 LIBS in Mars simulation

Mission MDRU Supaero Crew 263 to use SciAps Z-903 for geochemistry analysis A team of French scientists are using SciAps Z-903 LIBS for a Mars exploration simulation. The project takes place this February in a confinement simulation at the Mars ...

You’ll never be lost in the desert with SciAps

A true training story Dr. Russell Harmon used the SciAps Z-300 handheld LIBS during recent geological field work near the Mojave Desert with a team from North Carolina State University investigating the chemical composition of rock varnish. The NCSU team ...

LIBS targeted for 21st-century geoscience

Publication: Richard J. Sima. “Lasers Have the Makings of a 21st-Century Geoscience Tool,” Eos 102, 15 October 2021. Lewis Owen of North Carolina State University is using the SciAps Z-300 handheld LIBS instrument to analyze rock varnish on granite boulders ...

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