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SciAps breakthrough instruments are expanding applications for portable, in-field measurements of elements, minerals and compounds in every major industry around the world. See for yourself at Pittcon, March 8-12.

An amazing world of applications available to handheld LIBS and XRF

SciAps, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers, able to measure virtually every element, in almost any material. These breakthrough instruments have been expanding applications for portable, in-field measurements of elements, minerals and compounds in every major industry around the world. Sign up for our e-mail list to be the first to hear about this expanding world of handheld analysis.

Register for NASCAR Pit Passes

Register for the chance at a pair of free pit passes to a race of your choice. We will award the winner 2 pit passes with access to watch the race and join SciAps NDT Business Development Specialist CJ McLaughlin, a rising NASCAR Xfinity series driver, and his crew. We’ll also pay for your lunch with the team. It will be a great memory for you and a friend. Just click the button below.

Fast, light, powerful

Perform better analysis, faster, with SciAps best-in-class analyzers. SciAps marketing and product development teams are veterans of Niton, Innov-X, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Olympus, bringing decades of experience to developing and supporting handheld analyzers. Global customers include manufacturers, pipeline engineers, safety and security specialists, researchers, the academic community, scrap recyclers, and the mining industry

New release: SciAps, Inc., a Boston-based company specializing in handheld analytical instrumentation, is pleased to introduce their new generation SciAps Z-900 Series handheld LIBS analyzer. Similar to their new XRF platform, the Z Series features an all-new ergonomic design, a 0.5 lb. weight reduction down to about 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing electronics.

Have LIBS will Travel

Pittcon participants, need an academic loaner? Contact us with a brief description of what you want to measure. We frequently loan analyzers for a few weeks or a month to researchers from the U.S. and Canada to perform a study or field analysis anywhere in the world. LIBS is often a preferred technique, especially for students. And our accompanying ProfileBuilder software provides operators complete freedom to modify parameters.

Make better decisions, faster, with the world’s premium handheld XRF for geochemistry analysis . Weighing just 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg) with battery, SciAps X-550 is GPS enabled, and more rugged, intuitive and capable than ever. Read the press release.  Add handheld LIBS for a complementary data set on in-field analysis of Li, Be, B, C, Na and F; microanalysis of rocks, veins, inclusions; and more.


2021 model demonstrations

Light, fast, powerful – SciAps mission is to provide durable, field-tested, portable instruments to identify any compound, any mineral, any element anyplace on the planet. Watch our latest models and software demonstrations on our YouTube channel.

See how SciAps handheld analyzers are working in the field

and how researchers are using SciAps LIBS and XRF analyzers to expand the world of elemental analysis.

Academic Loaner: Environmental soils in NJ parks with SciAps XRF

SciAps most recent Academic Loaner Program story comes from Rutgers University, Newark, where researchers have detected an exceedance of heavy metals in the soil of local parks. Dr. Ashaki Rouff, an associate professor, and Suah Yekeh, a second year Ph.D. ...

Handheld LIBS for Lithium Exploration: An Example from the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt, USA

Publication: Michael A. Wise, Russell S. Harmon, Adam Curry, Morgan Jennings, Zach Grimac and Daria Khashchevskaya. “Handheld LIBS for Li Exploration: An Example from the Carolina Tin-Spodumene Belt, USA,” Minerals 2022, 12, 77. A wide variety of samples from the ...

Finding a LIBS method for improved plant nutrition in grape production

Assessing plant nutrients, quickly and in the vineyard, would improve fertilization decisions for the table grape industry all over the world. Introduction SciAps handheld LIBS instruments are being used in Germany to investigate critical elemental in-field analysis in agricultural soil ...

LIBS targeted for 21st-century geoscience

Publication: Richard J. Sima. “Lasers Have the Makings of a 21st-Century Geoscience Tool,” Eos 102, 15 October 2021. Lewis Owen of North Carolina State University is using the SciAps Z-300 handheld LIBS instrument to analyze rock varnish on granite boulders ...

SciAps Instant Detection of Banned Fluorinated Ski Waxes with Handheld LIBS

Eight cross-country ski sections were evaluated in a blind study to determine if fluorine could be correctly identified. Iron-on fluoro-powders and fluorinated paraffins for skis offer unmatched glide properties and repel dirt exceptionally well. They have been used by many ...

In-field analysis of rock varnish with SciAps LIBS

Publication: Russell S. Harmon, Daria Khashchevskaya, Michelle Morency, Lewis A. Owen, Morgan Jennings, Jeffrey R. Knott and Jason M. Dortch. “Analysis of Rock Varnish from the Mojave Desert by Handheld Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy,” Molecules 26, 5200 (2021). This study investigated ...

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