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Want to improve your PMI performance?

Take advantage of SciAps training resources.

SciAps is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for PMI support and consulting time with Paul Lawrence of PMI Concepts.

  • Are you getting puzzling results from your XRF or LIBS analyzer on alloy materials and don’t know why?
  • Inconsistent chemistries, carbon equivalents or residuals out of spec without a good explanation why?
  • Questions about analyzer operation and sample prep for handheld X-ray or LIBS?

Paul Lawrence PMI Concepts

Paul Lawrence of PMI Concepts

Brief Consulting

Paul Lawrence has been performing PMI work, and training and certifying inspectors, for over 10 years. He’s an expert at all aspects of PMI including XRF, spark OES, and now LIBS technologies.  

SciAps is making Paul available for brief, free consulting slots. Working with your test results, or even testing your samples live, Paul will demonstrate XRF and LIBS operational and sample preparation techniques — whatever’s needed to answer your questions. Start with our tip sheet, then reach out to Paul with your questions.

Advanced Training — Enroll Today with PMI Concepts

PMI Concepts multi-day PMI training courses feature in-depth PMI training on XRF and LIBS, including substantial hands-on use of both technologies on real-world alloy materials and welds.  A proficiency exam is offered, and attendees who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate.  

While there is not yet a formal industry certification for PMI, attendees who pass this exam may be considered thoroughly proficient using both LIBS and XRF technologies for even the most demanding PMI applications, including low RE materials, L-grade stainless, carbon equivalents and welds chemistry.    

Training courses are limited to 6 people due to the extensive hands-on training. Private courses limited to attendees from a single company are also available. 

Click Enroll Today buttons to visit PMI Concepts website and learn more about Advanced Training for XRF and LIBS.

Sponsored by SciAps

Known for best-in-class performance, SciAps is proud to be the exclusive sponsor for PMI support and consulting time, as well as the advanced training courses.

Industry Driven L grade verification for small parts

LIBS: SciAps has more than 1,000 installations globally of our leading handheld LIBS device for carbon and CE analysis.

XRF: SciAps XRF Apps are ready to go, in a totally repackaged XRF featuring the best form factor for PMI and industry-leading performance on Cr, Ni, Cu, Nb and V for low RE materials and low silicon for sulfidic corrosion applications.

Visit our NDT and PMI industry page. For more information or a free demonstration, contact or call 339-927-6153.

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