Inspector Scope

The Scope is the first ever combination of in-field handheld Raman (the Inspector 300 or 500) that docks seamlessly to a microscope and digital camera.  It’s the only Raman system delivering high performance materials analysis in the field, and microscopic sample analysis back at the lab.

When the Scope is docked…

It becomes a powerful analytical tool, capable of compound and mineral analysis of micron-sized samples, fibers, inclusions, mineral veins or other small samples.  Using the microscope, digital camera and XYZ stage (the Scope package), the operator pinpoints a region, yielding specific targeted chemical or mineral identifications.

In the Field…

Need to analyze materials in the field?  Or perform in-situ testing because materials cannot be moved or disturbed?  Quickly undock the Inspector for high-performance, in-field Raman functionality. It’s available in either a 785 nm or 1030 nm laser.  For samples that exhibit high amounts of fluorescence, the 1030 nm laser is the recommended choice.

• Use the 100X magnifying power and video to closely examine and identify heterogeneous features on the sample, or identify a small sample to analyze.
• Position the laser on the target, taking full advantage of the 25 um spot size to interrogate even the finest heterogeneous points or smallest of samples.
• Fire away to get instant compound or mineral ID.
• Develop quantitative models using the on-board Pass/Fail, PCA (principle component analysis) or PLS (partial least squares) techniques.
• Monitor results through scope to verify you’re not burning the sample, or easily reduce the laser power in the Inspector.
• Store image results for proof positive analysis.

Inspector Scope ApNote
Ideal for SERS research, geochemical applications like mineral grains, particulates, teaching labs and forensics applications.
This page was updated on July 27th, 2016