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SciAps Introduces the Z – a High Performance, Handheld LIBS Analyzer

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zfeatureFebruary 18, 2014

Any Element, any Compound, any Mineral – Anywhere on the Planet.  SciAps, Inc., a Boston-based instrumentation company specializing in handheld and portable analytical instruments, has introduced the world’s first handheld LIBS spectrometer (as opposed to micro-LIBS) named the Z.  The Z is expected to extend the applications for handheld elemental analyzers.  It is designed to provide comparable performance to silicon drift detector-based HHXRF analyzers, while offering the ability to measure carbon and many other low-atomic number elements that are out of reach for HHXRF analyzers.  The Z also offers greatly improved performance on elements such as Al, Si, Mg, similar to mobile optical emission spectrometers.
The Z utilizes several key internal developments.  It features a proprietary high resolution spectrometer† that offers excellent wavelength resolution, a wide range all while being compact enough for a handheld device.  It also incorporates a novel integrated and user-changeable argon (Ar) source (Opti-Purge†,TM). The optional Ar source was developed in order to maintain a handheld form factor, yet reap the performance gains when performing optical emission spectroscopy in an inert gas environment.  The analyzer uses an eye-safe laser technology, allowing the use of high energy laser pulses (> 4 mJ) while retaining a Class 1 laser rating – identical to a common laser pointer. The entire software platform is written for Google’s Android operating system, allowing easy connectivity, data transfer and reporting.
“We’re really excited about the opportunities with the Z,” said Don Sackett, President and Co-founder of SciAps. “I’m especially happy with the ability to measure carbon, as that was a key design goal from the start.  The alloy producers, PMI and NDT companies have been seeking a handheld device for carbon analysis in alloys for years.  I also like the way the software has evolved, all based on Android.  All the hassles of a proprietary operating system vanish, and the connectivity and ability to instantly share data and reports is a big advantage to our customers.  I read recently that 82% of all mobile devices globally use Android, and this number is 93% in several emerging markets.”  Quoting CTO and Co-founder David Day:  “I’m really pleased with the efforts of our technical team.   In a little over a year they’ve taken an idea for handheld LIBS technology and created a demonstrate-able, commercial analyzer.  Not only did they have to miniaturize the technology and make it user-friendly, they also developed an entire software package in the Android environment.”
Founded in 2012, SciAps is headquartered in Woburn, MA.  Manufacturing, service and customer support are operated from the company’s fully ISO-certified facility in Laramie, WY.  SciAps maintains worldwide sales and service alliances, with installation and training available in more than 100 countries.
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†Patent Pending