SciAps looks forward to trainings with Analytical Training Consultants


SciAps field experts on site for each session, use next-generation XRF and LIBS analyzers

SciAps breakthrough LIBS technology is now widely accepted for carbon testing. It’s included in API 578 3rd Edition, accepted at most every major refinery, and in use worldwide by fabricators, pipeline owner/operators, NDT service providers, power plants and other users of carbon steels and L- and H-grade stainless. Read more

Use SciAps next-generation technology in API 578 training toward the following course objectives with Analytical Training Consultants:

  • Understand and apply API Recommended Practice 578 Positive Material Identification (PMI) Guidelines
  • Explain how OSHA Instruction-CLP 03-00-004 Nation Emphasis Program (NEP) applies to the Industry.
  • Better understanding of OSHA CPL-02-02-045-Process Safety Management (PSM) 29CFR1910.119 with proper material verification program and training.
  • Practical PMI applications using SciAps XRF/OES & LIBS technologies.
  • Technical understanding of how XRF/OES & LIBS technologies work.
  • Recognize safe practices utilizing SciAps XRF technology. Radiation Safety, understanding how “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) can be attained.
  • Applying “Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices”(RAGAGEP) for Inspection of Material, Warehouse Material Identification Through Positive Material Identification (PMI) XRF/OES/LIBS Analysis.

Upcoming events

December 15-16, 2021
February 16-17, 2022
April 20-21, 2022
June 22-23, 2022
August 17-18, 2022
October 19-20, 2022
December 14-15, 2022

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