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Pittcon Buzz: SciAps to showcase the three pillars of handheld instrumentation at PITTCON 2019 at Booth 3801

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SciAps LIBS, XRF & Raman - booth 3801 PITTCON 2019

Elements, Chemicals and Minerals Measured Anywhere with SciAps LIBS, XRF, and RAMAN handheld instruments

First, there’s the flagship Z – the world’s ONLY handheld analyzer that analyzes carbon in alloys, geochemical, and agricultural samples. It instantly determine L-grade versus H-grade stainless, carbon, and carbon equivalents in steel, total organic carbon content in soils, and many other applications. The Z is capable of measuring every element in the periodic table, down to hydrogen, including many applications requiring analysis of lithium, beryllium, fluorine, sodium and boron.

SciAps is also pleased to introduce a new line of handheld Raman analyzers. Raman is a complementary technology to LIBS, providing chemical and mineral identification capability. The CHEM-200, to be showcased at PITTCON, utilizes a 785 nm, 500 mW laser for analysis of thousands of different chemicals including explosives, precursors and narcotics and even minerals. It’s the world’s most powerful Raman device, in the size and weight of a typical smartphone. With advanced spectral pre-processing, it quickly identifies thousands of chemicals from its onboard library. An advanced Android app-based approach allows for user-generated libraries and applications.

The final technology is the well-established handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology. Handheld XRF, like LIBS, measures elemental content in various materials.However, handheld XRF is limited to measuring elements with atomic number of 12 (Mg) and higher due to the many complications of detecting very low energy X-rays with a handheld device. For transition and heavy metals, XRF is often the preferred technology because it’s easy to use (compared to optical emission techniques like LIBS), fast, and requires little or no user calibration.

SciAps is a fast growing, Boston-based handheld analytical instruments company. Founded in 2013 by industry experts, the company continues to double in size every year and continues to innovate core handheld technologies for in-field measurements of elements, chemicals and minerals. Visit SciAps at Booth 3801 for a demonstration of the latest and greatest handheld analytical technologies. SciAps is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project as well as a leading NASCAR sponsor.

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