SciAps white glove service. Stop treating your X-ray gun like your moms fine china

Innovating the Service Experience

We’ve always had the lowest service costs in the industry—for instance, a common XRF detector repair is $3500, less than half the industry average of $7500. However, we wanted to go one step further: to provide a service program that would cater to our customers’ needs, across every model, to keep you working at peak performance. At SciAps, customer service is an extension of our commitment to provide you with exactly what you need, where — and when — you need it.

Work with confidence

We know people fear service costs, so much so that they may not use the instrument as much as they should, or send it in to get repaired. We want to keep you working. So we’ve designed a program for productivity and longevity.

Service and Calibration

Longevity begins with the annual calibration, a checkup for the equipment. Customers send the analyzer back to the factory every year for a full inspection. SciAps will recalibrate analytical apps and update software to the latest version so that the analyzer comes back working even better than it did before. Since things are constantly changing, the calibration also includes a hardware audit — if revisions are recommended, service parts are available at a 10% discount.

Limited Warranty Extension

SciAps has created a limited warranty extension that will add a year to the manufacturer’s warranty. This covers one X-ray source or laser replacement in a 12-month period. And, you don’t have to buy the extension at the time of purchase. There is a discount if you do, but you can buy it at any time, which no other company allows.

Program benefits

All of this adds up to greater productivity. With our service program, customers actually use their analyzer to improve everyday throughput. There’s no huge bill if accidents happen, and the small annual service cost keeps the equipment working well year after year. As an added benefit, if something is not covered by the program, there is a 10% discount on parts for those who have the program.

At SciAps, we know the stats, the actual costs, and the value of customer loyalty. Whether you need a yearly program to meet company procedures or have a unique project requirement, we provide the correct program at a fair price.

Service Programs

Download the brochure for our innovative Service and Calibration Program, or contact us for a personal consultation.

We invest in customer success

SciAps provides customers with fast, clear service, and constant updates so that they know what is happening to their instrument. We keep the lines of communication open. If the analyzer needs to be in the factory for longer than 2-3 days, SciAps will offer a loaner at no charge, with any special calibrations included so that your business is not limited in any way.

We also stay in touch with our customers to make sure they are getting the best use out of the equipment, tracking data on the repairs for each instrument. So for example, if we see there is an analyzer coming in for the same repair repeatedly, we’ll talk to the users to see if they could use further training to stop the frequent damage.

“We really want our customers to know we are loyal to them. We’re not here to make a profit on repairs,” says Christina Glynn, SciAps Customer Service Manager. “If there’s a costly repair, we work with our customers, offering discounts and providing cost effective solutions so that customers are not spending a lot of money out of pocket.”

This page was updated on April 16th, 2021