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We build our analyzers so you don’t have to worry

We know our customers work in demanding landscapes and need an analyzer as rugged as they are.

We know it can be scary to hold a $30,000 tool in your hands and think about handing it over to a newly trained operator. Or having it around a 9,000 lb. forklift. Or bringing it up a 35-foot tower.

We build our analyzers with those situations in mind. When accidents happen, we want our customers to get back to work as soon as possible. SciAps analyzers are so durable, they’ve even finished a job when they’ve been dropped or smashed.

Even better: when those unthinkable accidents do happen, we’ve got you covered. SciAps guarantees the lowest service costs in the industry. Our tube and detector replacements – rare as they may be – are less than half the cost of competing brands. And lesser repairs are 5-10x lower than the competition.

How much did that cost? $676 repair.

How much did that cost? $300 repair

When you call us for tech support or service, you’ll talk to a human who knows your application and the technology. Other brands? You’ll leave a voicemail and maybe get a call back some day, or you’ll endure a time-wasting chat with a call center that has zero knowledge of the technology. That’s why we call it Concierge Service! We treat you like you’d expect after spending tens of thousands of dollars on an analyzer.

With SciAps, you get a durable analyzer that passes drop tests with ease and can be repaired to good-as-new condition for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t just consider the purchase price of your next instrument. Do a careful evaluation of durability, service responsiveness, warranty exclusions (is virtually every problem considered abuse and therefore excluded?), and repair costs. At SciAps, we’ve been working closely with XRF users for over 25 years. We know the stats, the actual costs and the value of customer loyalty. We’re here to keep you working.

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