X-550 for Geochemistry: The Latest Breakthrough from SciAps

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The latest from SciAps: premiere XRF for geochemistry exploration and analysis

Woburn, Mass., Dec. 1, 2020 — SciAps sets a new performance standard for geochemistry analysis with the new X-550 handheld X-ray analyzer. Weighing just 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg) with battery, it’s the lightest handheld X-ray analyzer ever made, delivering blazing speed and high precision in a perfectly balanced device.

Premium performance begins with the 5.5W X-ray tube, delivering best-in-class light element performance for ultra low detection limits of elements like Mg, Al and Si, while also packing enough power to achieve impressive precision on heavy elements like pathfinders Ag, Sn, Sb, and rare earth elements.

Combined with the latest large area silicon drift detector technology and super tight X-ray geometry, the X-550 provides the best analytical performance with the shortest test times.

The new X-500 series software is more intuitive and capable than ever before, providing quality data, quickly, for users to make critical decisions with confidence. Software supports both custom calibrations and Android apps pre-configured for recommended test times, with X-ray beam settings to assure quality testing by every operator. Data management includes tools like GPS tagging, on-board micro and macro cameras for sample alignment and photo-documentation of materials tested, and QR or barcode scanning capabilities for easy sample tracing. Starting in 2021, subscribers can manage data everywhere, using SciAps Cloud Services.

The Mining app, designed for bulk analysis of all geological materials, uses an advanced algorithm to correct for matrix effects and provide the most accurate results possible. Users can further fine tune their results by utilizing the Derivative and Site Cal features, which allow for easy site-specific calibration corrections.

If key elements include carbon, beryllium, boron or lithium, then pairing the SciAps X-550 (X-ray) with the SciAps Z (laser analyzer) in One Box offers a complete package.

SciAps is a fast growing, Boston-based handheld analytical instruments company. Founded in 2013 by industry experts, the company continues to double in size every year and to innovate core handheld technologies for in-field measurements of elements, chemicals and minerals. SciAps is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project as well as a leading NASCAR sponsor.

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