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Scrapper X-250

An XRF analyzer designed from the ground up to be the fastest scrap sorter in existence.

  • Sort 90% of your aluminum alloys in 2 seconds (including those with as little as 0.25% Mg),

    At Last…An X-ray gun that’s as good on aluminum as it is on high temps, stainless and turnings.

  • The great performance you’ve come to expect on high temps, stainless, red metals, specialty alloys and turnings.

  • Lowest cost of service in the industry.

    Tube or detector replacements are less than half the competition. At SciAps we view service as a loyalty program, not a profit center.

What’s Different about the X-250?

The X-250 measures Mg and Si up to 10 times faster than any other X-ray gun, with better sensitivity.  Precise Mg and Si measurements are critical for highly accurate aluminum alloy testing.  The X-250 measures Mg down to 0.25% and Si to 0.15% in 2 seconds, allowing a huge variety of aluminum alloys to now be precisely sorted by X-ray.  And you still maintain the performance advantage of X-ray on other alloying metals like Cr, Cu, Zr, Zn, Mn — the strength of X-ray.  For example Mn precision is essential to sort within the 3000 series like 3105, 3003 and other similar alloys.  The same holds for small differences Cu, Cr and Zr that often differentiates 6000 and 7000 grades.

SciAps Scrapper X-250 XRF Analyzer

Online purchase of this analyzer is offered to US customers only. Please consult SciAps sales at (339) 927-9455 for further details.

FACT: All X-ray guns perform well on stainless, high temps and turnings.  But those X-ray guns have been both slow and inaccurate for many aluminum grades because of their imprecise analysis of Mg and Si.  The X-250 “Scrapper” delivers high performance to aluminum alloys, without compromising speed and accuracy on all the other alloys. How? We combine a state-of-the art X-ray tube technology that runs at 3X or more power than the other guns when measuring Mg, Si, Al – 3 key elements for Al alloys. We’ve optimized the analyzer design to for maximum efficiency of Mg measurements.  And we’ve revolutionized the way aluminum alloys are analyzed with X-ray via the patent-pending Aluminum App.

The result: We can sort 90% or more of your aluminum alloys in 2 seconds. This includes the most difficult groups of aluminum alloys for X-ray like 3003/3004/3005, or 356 and 357 or 6022 and 5005. These alloys differ by small amounts of Mg or Si and until now could not be reliably sorted by X-ray gun technology.  A small percentage of aluminum alloys will require a total of 4 seconds instead of 2 seconds.  Why the extra time for those few?  Some less common aluminum alloys require measurement of Pb, Bi, Zr, Ag and/or Sn to identify them from more common grades.  For these grades, the Aluminum App automatically fires up a higher voltate 2nd beam shot for the 2 additional seconds to measure these elements.   So automated, so easy, that even an inexperienced operator can expertly sort a wide class of aluminums.

Measure Mg down to 0.25% in 2 seconds!
The SciAps Aluminum App delivers blisteringly fast aluminum alloy sorting.

SciAps Scrapper X-250 aluminum alloy sorting

The Details

X-ray has historically been excellent for stainless, high temps, most red metals and specialty alloys. However it’s performed poorly on aluminum alloys, leading to mix-ups and requiring long test times. Why? Because until recently X-ray did not measure Mg or Si well, which are critical alloying elements in aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Alloy Identification

Accurate aluminum alloy identification poses unique challenges. You must measure the transition metals like V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Zr and others well, as with high temps. In addition you must also measure magnesium (Mg), silicon (Si) well. X-ray guns have always worked great on the transition metals but until recently they work poorly on Mg and Si. Measurements of Mg in particular were slow, leading to many mix-ups. Most operators do not want to make long measurements to get good Mg results at the 0.5-2% levels that are critical for most aluminum alloy sorting.

1100 and 6063 Mix-Ups

One of the most common mix-ups we see is 1100 and 6063. 1100 has 0.05-0.2% Cu, and no Mg. Alloy 6063 has 0-0.1% Cu and 0.45-0.9% Mg. Many X-ray guns are programmed to identify the alloy as 1100 if any copper is detected. And most X-ray guns will require 20 seconds or more to measure the Mg to confirm 6063. Very few scrap processors want to wait 20 seconds for a result, so instead of waiting for the Mg measurement, they believe the 1100 alloy ID after a few seconds, erroneously.

The X-250 blows away the X-ray legacy for aluminum alloys.

It’s designed specifically to optimally test Mg and Si and therefore aluminum alloys. It doesn’t compromise performance on the other metals, yielding fast and reliable analysis of aluminum alloys, high temps, stainless and virtually anything else.

Download The Ultimate Scrap Alloy Sorting Guide for X-ray Gun

Click the image below to download the Sorting Alloys Guide for X-ray Gun

Download The Ultimate Alloy Sorting Guide

Online purchase of this analyzer is offered to US customers only. Please consult SciAps sales at (339) 927-9455 for further details.

Sort 100% of your Aluminum Alloys in 2-4 seconds
The speed of X-ray on high-temps, now available for aluminum alloys

X-250 delivers 3x more power

More Power

Industry-leading X-ray tube that delivers 3x or more power for measuring Mg, Si, Al (and P and S in other steels, stainless and red metals).

X-250 delivers best Mg measurements


Optimized design for the best possible Mg measurements.

The Aluminum App

The Aluminum App

A proprietary (patent pending) test method designed for high throughput, highly accurate aluminum alloy sorting.

The Best Choice for Scrap Sorting & Alloy Analysis

  1. The X-250 performs great on turnings, stainless and high-temps, just like other high-performing X-ray guns. No compromises.
  2. The X-250 outperforms any other X-ray gun on aluminum alloys – check out our Aluminum App! Start sorting your aluminum alloys as fast as your stainless and high temps.
  3. Service is a loyalty program not a profit center — SciAps service costs are less than half of other X-ray guns especially for tubes and detectors.

The SciAps Aluminum App

Handle your stainless, high temps and turnings with market-leading speed and precision.

The team at SciAps has more than 50 years of experience collectively sorting alloys and designing analyzers to sort alloys. So we threw away the uninspired conventional approach of the other X-ray brands. Instead we asked, what’s the best way to measure aluminum alloys?

Fast, Precise Measurement of Mg and Si

Clearly a fast, precise measurement of Mg and Si is paramount. These elements are critical to determining countless aluminum grades. Some grades like 6061 require low concentrations of Cr (down to 0.04%) be measured quickly as well. So we optimized the X-250 Al App (patent pending) for fast, precise analysis of Mg, Si, Al, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn in 2 seconds. The X-250 will measure Mg down to 0.25% in this time and Si below 0.1%.

Measure Most Al Grades in 2 Seconds

We then added some “smarts” to the Aluminum App. We also realized if you measure the above elements, you can analyze about 70% of all Al grades in 2 seconds. For many recyclers that are handling the more common grades, they can do 90% of them in 2 sec. For those grades that you must measure other elements like Zr, Ag, Bi, Pb and Sn the X-250 recognizes that and automatically switches to an appropriate X-ray tube setting, analyzes those elements in 1-2 more seconds.

Video: Introducing Scrapper X-250

Video: Scrapper X-250 on Aluminum


3.3 lbs with battery


7.25″ x 10.5″ x 4.5″


On board rechargeable Li-ion battery, rechargeable inside device or with external charger, AC power, hot-swap capability (60s max swap time).


5″ color touchscreen Smartphone type display – PowerVR SGX540 3D graphic.

Comms/Data Transfer

Wifi, Bluetooth, USB. Connectivity to most devices, including SciAps ProfileBuilder PC software.

Excitation Source

For alloy testing, 6-40kV, 200uA Rh anode. For aluminum beam, 500 uA at 10 kV. For other Apps 6-50kV, 200uA Au anode.


20mm 2 silicon drift detector (active area), 135eV resolution FWHM at 5.95Mn K-alpha line.

X-Ray Filtering

6 position filter wheel for beam optimization.

Processing Electronics Host Processor

ARM Cortex -A9 dual-core / 1.2GHz Memory: 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1GB NAND Results Storage: 8GB SD

Pulse Processor

14-bit ADC with digitization rate of 80 MSPS 8K channel MCA USB 2.0 for high speed data transfer to host processor Digital Filtering implemented in FPGA for high throughput pulse processing 50nS – 24uS peaking time


Fundamental parameters. For Geochem and Env. Soil Apps, users may also choose “Compton Normalization” method and/ or use empirically derived calibrations.

Calibration Check

Internal shutter is also 316 stainless for totally automated calibration and energy scale validation.

Environmental Temp. Range

10°F to 130°F at 25% duty cycle.


Password protected usage (user level) and internal settings (admin).


CE, RoHS, USFDA registered, Canada RED Act.

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Online purchase of this analyzer is offered to US customers only. Please consult SciAps sales at (339) 927-9455 for further details.

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