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SciAps Announces Completely Updated Z Handheld LIBS Analyzer

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SciAps, Inc. announces our completely redesigned Z handheld LIBS analyzer. The new Z is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the previous version while preserving the industry leading analytical capability. The new Z features the well-established “must have’s” for handheld LIBS analysis – onboard argon purge, burst cleaning, and beam rastering. Moreover the new Z now operates at 50 Hz, with 5-6 mJ/pulse laser energies, to eliminate surface effects and the need for sample grinding. The Z may also be operated without argon purge, but as is well known with optical emission, performance is substantially improved with an inert purge gas. For several customers measuring fluorine (F) with the analyzer, a helium purge gas is alternatively available.

ergonomics-IMG_9706The latest Z is available in two models. The Z-200 features a high resolution spectrometer design that covers 190 – 615 nm, offering analysis of nearly every element in the Periodic Table, including critical elements such as lithium, beryllium, carbon, boron and the many transition and heavy metals important to alloy and geochemical applications. The Z-300 extends the spectrometer range from 190 – 950 nm. The additional elements H, O, N, F, Br, Cl, K, Ce, Rb and S can be measured with the Z-300. The Z-300 is the only handheld analyzer that can measure the entire Periodic Table of the elements, all in 3 seconds.

According to SciAps Director of Sales Suzanne Moller, the new Z addresses the final request from the broader metals market user community. According to Moller “we’ve sold our Z’s into many of the leading alloy producers and both large and small scrap processors based on the speed and analytical quality of the results it generates. We’ve proven the technology via extended evaluations with these key industry players, and they’ve all been satisfied with the analytical results due to our unique argon purge, burst cleaning and laser rastering compared to other LIBS units they’ve tested. Their one request was for a smaller, lighter model. We’re very excited to be announcing the updated LIBS product particularly for the metals industry because of the great feedback they provided us. We anticipate a great customer response.”

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About SciAps

SciAps is an instrumentation company specializing in handheld instruments that are used to identify compounds, minerals, and elements, both on-site and in real-time. The company’s flagship product is the LIBZ Z – a family of handheld elemental analyzers using the spectroscopic technique known as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). SciAps is headquartered in Woburn, MA. Manufacturing, service and customer support are operated from the company’s fully ISO-certified facility in Laramie, WY. SciAps maintains worldwide sales and service alliances, with installation and training available globally.