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How did SciAps become the world’s handheld technology leader in just a few years?

Our NASCAR racing team and our approach to innovation are the same — go fast and take chances!

SciAps is proud to be a platinum sponsor for ISRI 2021. Our breakthrough XRF and laser instruments are expanding profitability for the scrap recycling industry.

And join us to support the 2021 ISRI auction  – you could win YOUR LOGO on the SciAps NASCAR!


ISRI show pricing


X-200, the workhorse XRF analyzer, is the perfect blend of high performance and attractive price.

X-505 delivers harmony of ergonomics, performance and price.

X-550 is the world’s premier next-generation XRF.

Z-901 Dual-Burn when you need LIBS. Uniquely features air-burn for fast material sorting and screening, and argon-purge for precision and superior limits of detection.

SciAps X-500 Series

SciAps X-500 Series is simply the best alloy analyzer you’ve ever laid hands on. We’ve wrapped our industry-leading XRF technology in package so rugged and friendly that you can hold it all day, every day. Light-weight, high-speed, high-accuracy and ever-so-slim, you’ll wonder why it took until 2021 to get one.

Built for Alloy Processing

The X-500 series now employs a composite reinforced nylon safety grid to protect from things like metal turnings poking into the sensor. If you do end up poking a sensor, you’ll find it a reasonable cost repair. No more breaking the bank because you poked your X-ray sensor.


Check out our legendary 35-foot drop test and 275-lb. smash test…. both analyzers still testing!

SciAps breakthrough XRF and laser instruments are expanding profitability for the scrap recycling industry. See for yourself at ISRI, April 19-24, 2021.

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Sign-up today for the chance at a pair of free pit passes to a race of your choice. We will award the winner 2 pit passes with access to watch the race and join SciAps NDT Business Development Specialist CJ McLaughlin, a rising Xfinity series driver, and his crew. We’ll also pay for your lunch with the team. It will be a great memory for you and a friend.

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