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XRF Analyzers for aluminum

Aluminum Sorting Secrets

1-Fast Way, 2-Precise Way, 3-Fast & Precise Way. Use the X-550 to sort aluminum alloys in 3 different ways. This video shows the X-550 using the Alloy App to analyze aluminum alloys by the most common grades, for those who don’t measure a lot of aluminum alloys.  Watch how much faster the technology is with our new X-ray analyzer.

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LIBS Analyzers for carbon

Debut of Z-902 Carbon LIBS Carbon in Stainless – Standard, L-grade, H-grade

Introducing the new SciAps Z 902 Carbon LIBS Specifically designed for the needs of PMI and NDT applications.

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LIBS Analyzers for REEs

Newly Published Research: Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Uranium Using Handheld LIBS

Los Alamos National Laboratory uses the SciAps Z-300 to quantify levels of rare earth elements in a uranium oxide matrix.

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Video X-550 for sulfidic corrosion and residuals

X-550 – Residuals and Sulfidic Corrosion App

PMI – Residuals and Sulfidic Corrosion – Join us for a demonstration of the new X-550 XRF analyzer for PMI. Widely accepted by all the major pipeline companies, refineries, steel mills and all their inspection companies. And alloy PMI, residuals, and sulfidic corrosion with a great new handheld XRF.

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Analyze any mineral, any element, anyplace on the planet

Analyze Any Mineral, Any Element, Anyplace on the Planet

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