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SciAps premium LIBS 900 Series and XRF 500 Series set a new performance standard for pipeline tests. Read more about SciAps analyzers for NDT/PMI, and see for yourself during PPIM, February 24-25, 2021.

Meet the NEW Z-900 Series

Our handheld LIBS analyzers have revolutionized pipeline testing for carbon content and carbon equivalents, providing faster, better more comprehensive materials analysis in the ditch or anywhere in the world. SciAps Pipeline App automates the testing procedure for carbon and CE in pipeline steels and welds, to reduce operator error. Designed for the PHMSA “Mega Rule.”

The one analyzer that does it all:  Z-902 C provides carbon content, carbon equivalents (CE), and concentrations of alloying elements Si, Ti, V, Mn, Cr, Cu, Ni, Nb, Mo and others. Dedicated Pipeline App addresses carbon and CE work especially for American Petroleum Institute (API) specification 5L.

SciAps CSi, a dedicated, high-performance handheld LIBS built strictly to measure carbon and silicon. The perfect economical companion for XRF users who need to add carbon to their analysis.

SciAps automated cloud data merge

Mainly use XRF? No problem. SciAps cloud-driven data merge brings it all together in one report. Meets multi-test averaging protocols required by some refineries and pipeline operators.

Meet the NEW X-500 Series

The world’s lightest, smallest, fastest, high precision family of XRF analyzers, with the newest models under 3 lbs. and lightning fast. Most tests are completed in 1 second. Do you have more complicated applications such as sulfidic corrosion (API 939), residuals (API 751) or API 5L that require longer test times or multi-beam tests? Pre-configured on-board apps assure quality application testing by every operator. Both the X and the Z both run on Android OS, with the ease of a smartphone.

Same as X-505, but no calibrations for Al, Mg, P, S, Si.
Who is it for? For many basic PMI activities, operators need to test stainless, Cr/Mo steels, some common Ni and Co alloys, and maybe some titaniums. And of course carbon (for carbon equivalents, residuals or L-grade stainless). An economical choice.

Same as X-550, but without the speed for Mg and Si.
Who is it for? For PMI engineers who need the precision and performance of the X-550, but don’t need the speed. It’s fast on all alloys, including aluminums. The X-505 can run all day long without requiring down time due to overheating, even in hot climates.

Most powerful X-ray tube, 3x the power of other XRFs.
Who is it for? For PMI engineers who need high performance for low atomic number measurement applications including sulfidic corrosion (low Si), phosphorus and sulfur, and for residuals analysis per API 751 and 5L specifications. The premium choice.

Weighing 2.8 lbs., including battery, the X-550 is simply the world’s lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun. Lightning fast with perfectly balanced ergonomic design, it can be used all day long without fatigue.  And the narrow footprint permits total access to virtually any test location and weld.

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