Analyze any element and sort any alloy with best precision across the entire periodic table.
< 20lb.
case with analyzers

The Z

The ONLY high-precision laser-based gun, works on all alloy types! Avoid the radiation and regulatory hassles that may come with X-ray.

The X

The world’s lightest, smallest, fastest high-precision family of X-ray guns. Weighing barely 3 lbs., they’re lightning fast, and can be used all day long without fatigue.

Ultimate Compatibility

SciAps X and Z handheld analyzers run on the same software platform, operating system (Android App-based) and have the same user interface, making training and operation a breeze. The X and Z also operate on the same battery, use the same charger, and share other accessories.


Bulk Samples and Microanalysis

The ONE BOX unites established X-ray technology for transition and heavy metals analysis with breakthrough handheld LIBS technology for the lightest of elements (Li, Be, B, C, F, Na, Mg, Al, Si). Sort your “lights” and ferrous lightning fast and accurately with the Z; your stainless, high temps and red metals with the X. Both the X and Z back up each other, so you’re ready for every situation.

Scrap Industry icon

For Scrap Metals & Alloys

Analyze any element, sort any alloy, with best precision across the board. Use each for any sorting job, or allocate the X to SS and high temps, the Z to aluminums. Either can back-up the other.

Geochemistry Industry icon

For Geochemistry

The industry’s only complete geochemical solution in a handheld package. With the LIBS plus XRF, you can analyze any element, and any type of geochemical sample – soils, powders, and liquids.

This page was updated on July 21st, 2022