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February 19 at Daytona • March 5 at Las Vegas • April 23 at Talladega • May 21 at Texas • May 28 at Charlotte • July 16 at New Hampshire • August 6 at Michigan • August 26 at Daytona • September 10 at Kansas City • September 16 at Bristol • September 24 at Texas • October 1 at Talladega • October 15 at Las Vegas • October 22 at Miami • October 29 at Martinsville 

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SciAps Racing

We’re getting in as many races as we can during this new season, with car 38 driver and SciAps Northeast sales representative CJ McLaughlin, a NASCAR Xfinity series driver who’s shooting for the stars. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a NASCAR sponsor, and we thank the companies that have made it possible by switching from spark OES to the SciAps Z (the world’s ONLY handheld LIBS that analyzes carbon) and by choosing SciAps X series, the lightest and fastest scrap sorters in existence.
CJ McLaughlin

CJ McLaughlin

Up and coming NASCAR driver CJ McLaughlin was just 10 years old when his dad, who raced motorcycles, put him in the driver’s seat for his first race.

“We were at the track every weekend, so when they announced they were opening a class for kids 12 to 18, we signed an extra waiver or two, and we got to race,” McLaughlin says. He loved it. The weekend before the race, “I was driving laps around the warehouse where my dad worked, learning how to shift.”

Life eventually took him away from the track, but working as a pipeline testing field engineer, he attracted the primary sponsorship of SciAps and returned to the driver’s seat once again. SciAps Racing kicked off with a return to Daytona. A great experience for anyone, McLaughlin says, but it had a special significance to his family.

“To be at Daytona in my own car with my name on it, I mean, when I was a kid, that was our one vacation a year, to go to Daytona. Now to be there in my own car with my name over the window, it means everything to me. I love that SciAps is behind this 100 percent.”

This page was updated on October 20th, 2022