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X-Series XRF Technology
X-50 New for 2020X-200X-250X-550 New for 2020
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Z-Series LIBS Technology
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The premier next-generation XRF
The SciAps X-550 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. Weighing 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg) with the battery, it’s the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun ever made. It delivers the small size, blazing speed and high precision of the SciAps X Series in a perfectly balanced device. It’s fast on all alloys, including aluminums. The X-550 uses the industry’s most powerful X-ray tube, operating up to 3x the power in the Beam 2 setting compared to the SciAps X-505 and other handheld XRF analyzers. The unique geometry and tube power optimize performance for low atomic number measurement applications including sulfidic corrosion (low Si), phosphorus and sulfur, and aluminum alloys, as well as for residuals analysis per API 751 and 5L specifications.

Fast, precise chemistry on all alloys and elements calibrated. Optimally designed and uses advanced X-ray tube technology for fastest tests of Mg, Si, Al, P and S. Use this model if you want to precisely sort a wide variety of Al alloys by Mg content, measure P and S at < 0.02% in less than 10 s.

Same speed and precision as X-250 for transition and heavy metals (Ti, Cr, Ni, Co, Mo, Sn, Pb, etc.). Uses standard X-ray tube technology for fast analysis of Mg, Si, Al, P and S but not as fast as X-250. Use this model if you want fast results on Al alloy sorting or P, S in steels but can tolerate 2X longer test times than X-250.

Basic alloy sorter. Measure elements Ti and higher in periodic table. If you are sorting common stainless, high temps and red metals, and only care to sort aluminums by 2000’s, 7000’s and MLCs then the X-50 is an option. The X-50 does not measure Mg, Si, Al, P or S and will not identify aluminum, silicon bronzes nor sort aluminum alloys by Mg or Si content.


SpecificationModel - Performance
Measure down to 0.3% Mg for fast sorting of 356, 6063, 6061 and other Al alloys.X-250 - 2s tests using Al App. 4s tests using general Alloy App.
X-200 - 7s test using general Alloy App. No Al App.
X-50 - Cannot measure Mg. Sorts Al alloys into 2000s, 7000s and MLCs in 2s tests like other X-ray guns.
Measure 0.02% P to ± 0.002%X-250 10s tests. The best choice for upgrading steels and coppers for low P and S.
X-200 - 20s tests. The standard tube technology requires about 2x longer tests.
X-50 - Cannot measure P or S at low enough levels for alloys.

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